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Life is beautiful. It’s beautiful and ugly, and crazy… But it’s mostly just beautiful. Because it’s ours. My time. Your time. We can do anything. We can be anyone. That’s the definition of being alive. That’s magic.

Lorena Deijanira.20.Brasil.
ॐ Lorena Deijanira, 20, Brasil ॐ
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Instagram - Instagram
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“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls” 
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I dont believe in gay rights. I believe in equal rights. No, better yet, I believe in human rights. Because by isolating human rights and gay rights, you’re alienating your own humanity and disowning a huge part of your own species. Gays are human, no matter how much you like it or not, so why dont we get to be classified under human rights???

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"screw stardust; be iron instead.
be the element that creates stardust.
be the element that causes the largest stars to explode.
be the element that is strong enough to collapse an entire universe."
-k.m | supernovae (via splitterherzen)

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Lonely Hearts Club by Marina and the Diamonds
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"I never realized what a big deal that was. How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."
— Nina LaCour, Hold Still (via framesjanco)

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WHY NOT?; a mix filled with my favorite songs from 2000s teen movies [LISTEN]

1. ”miracles happen” by myra (from the princess diaries) 2. ”why can’t i?” by liz phair (from 13 going on 30) 3. ”milkshake” by kelis (from mean girls) 4. ”perfect day” by hoku (from legally blonde) 5. ”i’ll be” by edwin mccain (from a cinderalla story) 6. ”what i like about you” by lillix (from freaky friday/13 going on 30) 7. ”what dreams are made of” by hilary duff (from the lizzie mcguire movie) 8. ”cinderella” by the cheetah girls (from the cheetah girls) 9. ”drama queen (that girl)” by lindsay lohan (from confessions of a teenage drama queen) 10. ”ultraviolet” by the stiff dylans (from angus, thongs, and perfect snogging) 11. ”hey mickey” by b*witched (from bring it on) 12. ”better open the door” by motion city soundtrack (from john tucker must die) 13. ”i’m not a girl, not yet a woman” by britney spears (from crossroads) 14. ”someone’s watching over me” by hilary duff (from raise your voice) 15. ”long time coming” by oliver james (from what a girl wants) 16. ”4ever” by the veronicas (from she’s the man) 17. ”get a clue” by simon and milo (from get a clue) 18. "these days" by chantal kreviazuk (from the sisterhood of the traveling pants)
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the oteep → 30 of the classic, cheesy, cliché songs you have definitely associated with one of your otps at least once, you loser

01. IRIS the goo goo dolls // 02. FIX YOU coldplay // 03. SHATTERED trading yesterday // 04. I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK death cab for cutie // 05. YOU FOUND ME the fray // 06. KING AND LIONHEART of monsters and men // 07. WONDERWALL oasis // 08. AT THE BEGINNING (FROM ANASTASIA) richard marx & donna lewis // 09. METEOR SHOWER owl city // 10. THE SCIENTIST coldplay // 11. KISS ME SLOWLY parachute // 12. BOATS AND BIRDS gregory and the hawk // 13. SOMETHING ABOUT US daft punk // 14. LITTLE LION MAN mumford & sons // 15. SHIPS IN THE NIGHT mat kearney // 16. STOLEN dashboard confessional // 17. YELLOW coldplay // 18. BREAKEVEN (FALLING TO PIECES) the script // 19. USE SOMEBODY kings of leon // 20. CHASING CARS snow patrol // 21. HO HEY the lumineers // 22. YOU & ME lifehouse // 23. FIRST TIME lifehouse // 24. ACCIDENTALLY IN LOVE counting crows // 25. WORLD SPINS MADLY ON the weepies // 26. SKINNY LOVE bon iver // 27. SAMSON regina spektor // 28. YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL red jumpsuit apparatus // 29. SECRETS onerepublic // 30. A THOUSAND YEARS christina perri

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